Our performance gain huge success in the World’s Got Talent show in China.

Have you ever imagined be in a video game like in fiction movies surrounded by the game’s whole set up with all the characters, their movements, visual and sound effects on the stage in three dimensions? Of course not, it always seemed impossible.

But we did it, and not the first time. Recently in the World’s Got Talent show in China to where we got invitation to prepare a production among the best ever Got Talent show participants.

“What is now the biggest thing right now in the world? Video games. We just saw a video game with real people on the stage. I mean it was amazing., really, really clever. Congratulations.”
(David Foster, judge)

“It was absolutely a scientific fiction movie (on stage)!”
(Xie Na, judge)

“It was a great honour to be invited to this amazing show where only the bests had the chance to prove their talent. I believe that with our new 3D action performance we stretched the boundaries between virtual and real in a life performance. My goal was to bring a stunt scene out of the movie to the stage.”
(Timea Papp, artistic director at Freelusion)

Have look at our 3D videomapping performance and now your imagination comes to real!