Hungarian State Opera House and Freelusion presented: Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.  It was the first time that this popular Carl Orff cantata features with such state-of-the-art technology, including video projections in 3D. This beautiful piece is created in collaboration with Freelusion.

Amar the lighthunter is our very first full night show. A unique Broadway style dance theatre in 75 min.This performance is an exciting combination of  3D video mapping and modern dance. A beautiful story on brotherhood. The show is a mind-blowing experience of audio-visual ecstasy based on different visual elements and talented artists.

Freelusion on board:  80 Days around the world show for TuiCruises. A complex job from A to Z. Stunning scenes of travelling with talented artists, magical costumes, choreography, music and story.


Criss Angel America's top illusionist. It was a great honour to be asked to create visual contents for Mindfreak Show

Butterfly show. One of our favorite shows. An amazing interactive audio-visual experience performed by a beautiful singer.

Soulair Choir concert visuals by Freelusion. We have projected singing kiddos. But what cool kids were they?! Did you know they won Oscar with short movie "Sing" in 2017?


"like in a real video game" our cool robo-collab with the fantastic dance crew Quantum XXL

Vangelis  giant arena concert in Budapest complete visuals by Freelusion

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Freelusion offers for artists, theatres, hotels, cruises other entertainment and leisure centers


  • Full service show producing and execution


  • Designing and providing visual content for performances
Carmina Burana_Freelusion

Employees at Freelusion create and set up shows, which are peerless and theme tailored as defined by the client.  Freelusion knows that every request is different. The creative team always focuses on capturing of the clients’ vision in order to present the most up-to-date, suitable technical solutions and at the end the finest result.

Colleagues know that personal contact is essential during the whole project therefore Freelusion allocates the competent project leaders to keeping touch with. Freelusion can keep the tasks in one hand by undertaking subtasks in detailed in order to get the best result. It means workflows from A to Z according to the devised concept and the agreement. This may include among others screenwriting, costume design, choreographic, stage design, theatre props and scenery, music selection or composing on demand.


Freelusion was the 1st who combined 3D video projection with modern dance than took the stage with a brand new performance. With having the know-how in mind the company’s mission became to break in the potential markets and get the service be acquainted with artists.

The repertoire is broad. Among Freelusion’s cooperative partners there are world-famous, top artists just to name a few: Criss Angel-illusionist, team Cirque de Monte Carlo, Tim Burton, TLC and many more.

A professional artist deserves a professional and comprehensive stage visual to skyrocket his performance to the stars and above.

Freelusion does a lot to bring projection mapping technology closer to the artists, gives high-quality service and always striving to make work processes as smooth as they possible. Any performer, singers, musicians, illusionists are welcome to send us a request.

Our company’s main goal is getting involved the most masterful pieces by creating spectacular projected backdrops, stage decoration or giving the complete show.  Experienced and professional team works closely with the client, from the first moment of the inspiration through to the curtain call.


There is something common in the cooperation with the greatest artists all around the world no matter if his genre is classic or mainstream.  There is always a childlike excitement that contributes their creativity.  At the end of the process of the work all the art needs space to be shown. You cannot believe how much additional value 3D stage design has until you see it.  Ask for designing a monumental theatre stage, a cozy concert hall decoration or visualizing a video clip we fix it. Using the latest graphical software, 3D visualization tools we create attracting extra value for live events.


Do you need a data projector, some stage light effects or a multimedia dance performance for tomorrow? Is there a concert around the corner where you want to use stage projection mapping? We fix it. You do not need to rush from lighting and stage visual companies to dance entertainment agency. Freelusion provides all in one.  We deliver the mission today – Miracles might take a day longer. Our staff is on duty 24/7 for fulfilling your desired event’s needs.


Freelusion uses holographic scrim as well to create holographic effects and design. Holographic mapping is a new way of projection mapping technology. This method is much more tricky, emphases the feeling of illusion.


Visual content for performance

Criss Angel Illusion show – Visual content by Freelusion – 2 times!

Criss Angel – Mindfreak Live, Las Vegas It is one of our greatest honors, that today’s most famous illusionist, Criss Angel invited us to participate in his own show, MindFreak Live in Las Vegas. This is the creepiest virtual production ever seen, debuted in Luxor. He is the only magician in the world who has exceeded the legendary Houdini World Records several times. Mindfreak Live show is based on a blood-frozen 3D virtual world where frightening tricks and illusions thrill the audience. The illusionist’s dream was a completely unique, multi-dimensional visual show, combining light, pyro- and media techniques. Freelusion made 3D fantasy with gothic landscapes and animations behind Criss’s scenes.

Thank you for the masterful job on Mindfreak Live! Your amazing talent, skill and rentless work ethic allowed my vision to come to fruition. Keep up the beautiful work and I hope to see you all at the show so you can bare the fruits of your labor as you hear the audience cheer and stand in awe of a revolutionary experience you help create. Thanks again. Here’s to future projects together.”-Criss

Cooperation with theatres, cruises, hotels and other entertainment venues

Freelusion on board – Complete show for TuiCruises – 2 times!

Our company had the chance to participate in a great theatrical adventure on board of TuiCruises.

Freelusion developed and produced 80 days around the World production. Tour lasted for weeks.

After the success of 80 days around the World another cooperation started.  Freelusion produced Magic Flute show for TuiCruises. There were complete shows including various 3D stage design, dance choreography, costumes and music.      “Freelusion rocked” They said.

Classical opera stage visuals, 3d projection and choreography by Freelusion

Cooperation with Hungarian State Opera House started in 2018 when Freelusion was asked for our co-operation in creating Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana performance.

Vangelis concert in giant arena

Other classical performance, Vangelis was presented in 2018. Freelusion produced and provided all the visual background, stage design and 3d video projection.

Oscar winners on the horizon

Freelusion created complete event stage design for Oscar winner SoulAir choir in 2018.


Everything was just about perfect in my book. I have to say that you are major contender’ Howard

This is what the show is all about for me. This is watching something spectacular that you couldn’t see anywhere else’ Niel Patrick

You not only set the bar in this competition but you set a very high standard and that is really hard to beat’ Mel B.

I love the music and I love the images, I love the dancing’ Howie

Your amazing talent, skill and rentless work ethic allowed my vision to come to fruition’ Criss Angel (Mindfreak Live)

The only team to score a perfect 10 from the audience ever’ Robert Hoffman (Fake Off)

This was the best use of the videomapping in Fake’s’ Michael Curry (Fake Off)

Your magic trick with the Rubik cube… very wonderful’ Michael Curry (Fake Off)

Incredible, professional’ P.G. O’Neill