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Why is car projection mapping technology is the best choice for a car’s launch party?
If you’re thinking about a way to upgrade your event with interactive solutions, car projection could be the best solution for you.

The projection mapping also known as video mapping term is referred to the act when standard and high performance video projectors are mapping 3D images onto objects like buildings, cars, walls, and projection mapping canvas or any other surfaces.

Video projection technique uses video projectors but instead of projecting onto a common flat surface, the image or creative design is projected to real objects. Unlike traditional projections where the image is distorted on the 3D screen, it is set so that the projection looks as if it were a part of the object.  This lets users to take a simple object and transform it into a projection screen for progressive displays creating virtual reality.

You might find the terms like VR or augmented reality futuristic but all of us need to accept that these technical solutions are the massive part of our life. The usage of video projection mapping technology is widespread and quickly growing.



Check out our building projection mapping showreel to get a little piece of our works.

Freelusion had the chance to design New Year’s visual content for the tallest building on Earth. Burj Khalifa in Dubai has more than 1 million led bulbs on its surface so building projection was super challenging but the final result was impressive.

Ice projection mapping for Hungarian Ice Hockey Association was cool.

So proud of having Genius Lozi contest 1st prize in Weimar, where in addition a beautiful, classical Liszt based music had composed in sync with the building projection.

Magmart videoart festival Freelusion won the Best Mapping award with building projection mapping

At International Moscow Light Festival building projection mapping was combined with live dance. A mesmerizing technique had started to evolve into live shows later to impress audience.

Christmas projection mapping in Kazakhstan

Video projection mapping was awarded with 1st prize at Moscow Art Vision Contest


During the process of building projection mapping our team carefully analyses the architecture design to maximize the creative usability of visual solutions. After the necessary negotiations, Freelusion professionals start to produce motion graphics designs. There are no limits here. We have 12 full-timer graphic artists in our crew, we have uniquely developed graphical and projection software and state-of-the-art high-tech equipment to deliver the best quality service in multimedia light projections on building. The best part of our job is at always the very end of the workflow: the results of projecting images onto the building. This is the defining moment where we see jaws dropping.



Our first area of expertise was 3D building video mapping. Quickly, Freelusion became the most awarded building projection mapping company in the world. Ever since then, building 3D projection mapping continues to be our passion in the field of architecture mapping.
By using various software like After Effects and the best projection mapping software, motion graphic designers and projection mapping artists create motion graphics. These motion graphics can be even holographic multimedia displays, VR or 3D videos or in other words augmented reality.

This kind of technology easily contributes to the rising of the magnificence of any special event with beautiful scenery art. Freelusion offers 3D building mapping, car mapping and stage visuals for events and special multimedia dance show events. This is why Freelusion is the most awarded among projection mapping companies.

Freelusion 3d Building Projection Mapping building animation Motion Graphics



The price of the animations depends on various technical aspects. In order to give you a comprehensive offer please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always looking for the best solutions and striving for the most effective and fluent implementation in multimedia art sector while keeping an eye on the building projection budget. This is why we employ professionals: to speak tech-language. High-performance projectors up to 40k ANSI Lumen, media servers, audio systems and on-site technical support team contribute to creating stunning building light paintings with 3D video mapping.


We guarantee nothing less than 100% satisfaction for our clients. We have 6 international architectural projection mapping awards, countless visual art and creative building projection collaborations and our previous shows to prove this



Despite the fact that the term projection mapping is quite fresh, its technique is known from the late 1990s, where it was touched on the spatial augmented reality. We know that one of the first public displays of video projections onto 3D objects was in 1969. It was the time when Disneyland opened Haunted Mansion ride, where the busts were singing. On the face of the busts animations were projected. Today it sounds weird but the first time when building or instead wall projection mapping used academically was at the University of North Carolina in the 1990s, where a group led by Ramesh Raskar worked on a project, called Office of the Future. They projected virtually people into other office’s space as if they were really there.  By 2001, artists started using projection mapping for artistic reasons.

Artists may use it as an experimental form of expression. Their creative and magical ideas can be turn into live by 3D projections on building and surfaces and connecting with audiences in a new way. Video projections have appeared in big artistic centers such as New York City and London, where artists have worked with guerilla projections in public. Since then canvas are everywhere where artists can show their work by this innovative and new way of technique.

Industry did not need to wait much time, companies such as Microsoft began experimenting and improving the possibility of usage of projection mapping technological advancement.