Gábor Papp, Balázs Gyöngyösi

CG Supervisor:

Ádám Herczeg

Project Manager:

Zsófia Pathó

3D Artists:

Váradi Vendel Viktor, Brigitta Dubai, Gergő Mengyán, Gyula Bodonyi, Ádám Herczeg, Dávid Kis

Freelusion technicians:

Dávid Török, Tamás Hradszky, Dávid Domaföldi, Tamás Török

Teqball is the world’s fastest-recognized sport – not only because of the jaw-dropping technical skills involved, but also because each event is one big show (thanks to us). While other sports associations are scratching their heads, wondering how they could provide a better experience for their audiences, you should probably get in touch with us. You’re welcome.